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Outreach and Resources

Fundamentals of Quantum Materials

While at UMD, I helped organize and write a textbook for our workshop regarding quantum material synthesis and characterization. This winter school and workshop is targeted toward graduate students and postdoctoral research who are interested in adding new synthetic and characterization techniques to their research.


The winter school is very useful in covering a broad range of synthesis techniques such as flux growth, chemical vapor transport, arc-melting, hydrothermal, etc. The winter school has both lectures and hands-on practicals to show attendees the different techniques and how they can use them for their research needs. It also serves as a wonderful opportunity to network and meet collaborators in our community of interdisciplinary researchers interested in quantum material synthesis and characterization. The workshop is held after the winter school and typically focuses more in-depth on one topic per year and hosts lectures and research talks given by the leading scientists in the field.


Links to the Fundamentals of Quantum Materials textbook and the annual FQM winter school and workshop are listed below. Lectures + resources from previous years are available as well. 

GSAS-II Basics Workshop

During my time at the United States Naval Academy, I hosted a brief mini-workshop how to use GSAS-II to do basic Rietveld refinements, simulate powder patterns, and index unknown patterns. This workshop was done at the request of some collaborators and is meant as a very first introduction to analysis of X-ray diffraction data, Rietveld refinement and GSAS-II. The videos + tutorial files are available and hosted below.

For anyone looking to utilize diffraction data in their experimental work, I am always available to chat, look at data, and help those with limited diffraction experience incorporate these techniques into their research.


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